Calimacil Spear in action

June 14th, 2011

I am very proud to announce spear product review from Thomas Aagaard, leader of The 9th Stirland at Krigslive VII (Warlarp 7). The spear project is a success so far.

Calimacil Spear feedback:
+ We love them.
+ They are more durable
+ And more effective. One problem with our old ones where that the target often didn’t notice the hit. Now they do because of the weight.
+ Safe. Way better than our old homemade tips.
+ We are saving money. We lost two spears during drill before Krigslive and two more during combat at Krigslive. All of them because of a broken pole. With our old spears it would have been a total loss. Now we can reuse the tips, saving money and a lot of time.
- Looks… but really not as bad as we feared. And the color is a lot better than our old homemade latex tips.

The feedback we got from our enemies was also very good.
+ They notice the hits because of the weight.
+ But they are soft so it does not hurt. One was strongly hit in the head but mentioned that it hurt less that being hit by a soccer ball.
+ Looks not really that bad.

The leader of an enemy spear unit normally thinks Calimacil is too hard for larps… But he really liked the tips and actually talked about getting some for his unit next year…

Feedback from the Vejlegroup.
(they brought 12 of them)
They were happy with them.

I don’t think that there are any durability problems with foam

Presentation movie:

Here is a fight with the 9th Stirland during Kriglive VII

Ok, so what is the next step now?
We have two versions ready for battle:
A) Pyramidal spear head with hole inside showed in this video
B) Pointed asymetric spear head with telescopic compession tested by Bicolline organisation and thrustable as well

Calimacil Martial Art line

March 5th, 2011

We are working since two years now to develop a new Calimacil Martial Art weapon line and I want to share you a first glimpse of this today. So what I show you here is NOT a LARP gear but a new type of weapon to practice Historical European martial arts.

This new Calimacil Martial Art Weapon it’s composed of hard foam blade to prevent bouncing but still safe for tournament fighting using combat technique without heavy protection. Blades are painted with special powder to let them slip well. Hilt and handle are cast in hard material to block and parry attack. Metal is added in handle to balance and make handle stiffer. Inside hybrid core is perfectly stiff in sharp edge direction but a little flexible in flat blade side like a real metal weapon.

I hope you will like the feeling, I am pretty proud of it; behavior is close to the popular Albion sword. This new weapon will be available soon!

Calimacil & Fantastic’Art: When Two Worlds Meet

February 15th, 2011

In the virtual battlefield that is business, you sometime see old rivals form new creative alliances. That’s exactly what two very active players of the industry have done in our eternal quest to support the efforts of Live Action Role Playing artisans.

We are very happy to announce the creation of a new partnership between Calimacil and France-based Atelier Fantastic’ Art LLC. Fantastic’ Art is world renowned for the design and creation of Heroic Fantasy and Sci-Fi accessories such as weapons, armours and costumes. They’ve built themselves a stellar reputation creating products for LARP, film projects and mind-blowing promotional costumes for videogames such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft II and World of Warcraft.

This new partnership will merge Calimacil’s technical expertise and revolutionary materials with Fantastic’ Art’s creativity and design finesse to create a new line of medieval weapons. The first prototype of this union is a marvellous black sword whose beautiful design perfectly combines the blade from Calimacil’s « Pirate » sword with an elven hilt of Fantastic’ Art creation. This weapon gives an idea of what’s to come as legendary weapon waiting to be picked up and worn by intrepid heroes seeking new adventures.

This sword is but the first of many concepts we’re working on! We’re burning with impatience to show you our models and we hope to make the first one available to you in the next month or so. Each of these will be incarnations of Calimacil’s fundamental vision of giving life to your dreams.

We are firm believers that cooperation is the best strategy to grow a creative and dynamic hobby such as ours. That’s why we are so excited about this partnership and look forward to creating many others in the coming years.

Bicolline LARP Weapon Approval

July 22nd, 2010

I talked to you in a previous blog post about the upcoming 15th anniversary of Bicolline.

I’d like to talk now an issue crucial to the organization of a LARP: Weapon approval.

If you have already participated in a LARP, you will be aware that the approval of your arms is an important step. It is actually to allow the organizers to verify the safety of your weapon and to approve its use in the LARP.

As a manufacturer of weapons for LARP, we look at Bicolline as a reference for player approval of our products. With this in mind, this year Bicolline has updated  the rules with regards to weapon approvals. The organizers and volunteers have worked hard and the result is a detailed document that I invite you to read in full before you prepare to make or buy a weapon to take to Bicolline this year.

Here is an excerpt from the criteria for approval for Bicolline for 2010: Criteria for approval (French only)

Bicolline 2010 Weapon approval Criteria 2010

(…) The most important characteristic of a weapon is to be safe. The following security criteria must be met for any weapon, whether homemade or purchased from a manufacturer.

  1. Weight: The weapon must be light. See the table of dimensions and characteristics of weapons.
  2. Density: A weapon must be padded up to the guard and should not be too hard. Particular attention should be paid to the tip of the weapon: the frame should not be noticeable, even by exerting pressure.
  3. Rigidity: A weapon must be able to bend slightly.
  4. Dimensions: The maximum dimensions are shown with each category of weapon, they indicate the total length of the weapon, pommel included.
  5. Construction: The construction of the weapon must follow the standards of manufacturing weapons of Bicolline.
  6. Load: shooting weapons and war machines must be calibrated according to standards of manufacturing weapons of Bicolline.
  7. Users: A weapon is no longer safe if used with too much force and indiscriminately. Each player must remember that it is the way it is used that counts, not the force it is used with (…)

Are Calimacil weapons accepted at Bico?

The Calimacil weapons have been used for over six years on the battlefield of Bicolline. It is important to remember that we have always worked with game standards to understand and adapt our products to the needs of players with one mission in mind: “producing the best LARP Arms.”

In all safety criteria, Calimacil passes with flying colors. However under the new rules of Bicolline for rigidity, it is required that a weapon must be able to bend slightly, which is not the case for our 2 handed bastard swords, because their bending is limited on the flat of the blade only. So they are flexible, but not in all directions.

So the answer is yes Calimacil weapons are accepted at Bicolline, but there are a few exceptions that I will explain in detail here.

The Whip Effect “and the stem hybrid”

With regards to rigidity, we have made the difficult choice to use a hybrid rod instead of fiberglass. The reason is to increase the handling, accuracy and performance for key weapons with a length over 112 cm. Based on our tests, a single rod of fiberglass consistently did not have enough strength for this type of weapon. Because of the length, the weight of the blade did bend the weapon, making it difficult to use in combat.

Over the years we have discovered that from a certain length (over 110 cm), the structure is too flexible and will cause a “whip effect”. For example, it is often observed that with the longer fiberglass rods, when a sword hits a shield which would normally protect the wearer the sword will bend to the point of hitting the defender’s head or shoulders, which is not very fair.

To correct this we chose a hybrid rectangular rod for a mass equivalent to the fiberglass, not curved in one direction only. Thus all our long arms or 2 handed bastards are now manufactured with a hybrid rod. It’s a difficult choice that we have made to offer the best weapons to players. Therefore we do not recommend that players attending Bicolline use our weapons over 110 cm or our two hand bastard sword at risk of being refused by the person inspecting them.

The most important criteria: The User

Calimacil Weapons are excellent in a well defined game where a solid hit is counted as a successful hit, as mentioned by the regulations of Bicolline. However, to reduce the risk and considering the possibility of over-enthusiastic players in massive battles, the approval council at Bicolline decided to tighten rules to prevent any unfortunate accidents. We can not subscribe to these new regulations completely but we stand behind the game experience and the experience of the Bicolline council. It is hoped nevertheless that this characteristic of the regulation on the stiffness will be adjusted in the future because I think in these cases the more important criterion is the user.

In summary, it is clear that for us all our weapons offer the level of security necessary for a LARP battle. Calimacil provides weapons for thousands of fans around the world in over 12 different countries and our weapons are universally well received. However, I ask you to listen to the warnings and recommendations from the safety officers at your LARP and receive regular approvals of your weapon. It is because of this that I felt it important to inform you of this change to Bicolline guidelines.

What if my weapon is refused?

If your weapon is denied at Bicolline or another LARP following a purchase, I invite you to contact us or visit us for an exchange. We have a return policy of 60 days on all products purchased directly through our website.

Calimacil Weapons Accepted at Bicolline

Note that all the other Calimacil weapons, whether short or long, daggers or axes, the Novice bastard sword, and stick Kira / Onyx are accepted and will be the perfect companion for your brave adventures at Bicolline this year.


July 16th, 2010

A big event will happen this year in Quebec, Canada. 2010 marks the 15th anniversary of Bicolline .

When thinking about all the work done by Bicolline’s staff since 1995 (with the help of many volunteers) we can not help but be impressed. For me Bicolline is a standard bearer in the world of LARP games and LARP size. Her influence over the Atlantic is huge and it inspires many in Europe.

An exceptional site

Located in Quebec, in the Mauricie region, this site brings together more than 100 acres, and in some of the most popular events around 2000 players who will experience a total immersion! Bicolline’s site is complete decorum; no electricity, no internet, no cell phone, etc.. This unforgettable adventure is called the Great Battle. For the the 15th anniversary this year, this battle will last about seven days. A pit has been dug in the field where the most epic, demanding and spectacular battles will be undertaken!

The quality of the site is notable for its decor and ambiance. Among other things that can not be found anywhere in Europe the site boasts a village of nearly 100 beautiful permanent buildings. Most of buildings are built by players who return every year to spend a week-long relaxing holiday with a community of players and families share the same passion. Throughout the stay a geopolitical game takes place; religion, guilds, the warlords and their delegates exchanged maps and resources. They are negotiating positions on the battlefield to ensure victory and treasures.

In my experience it is this particular character that is not found anywhere else which gives Bicolline a unique experience. Many people agree with me that they would choose five days of Bicolline over two weeks of vacation in the south. Imagine for a moment.… No, in fact, you can not imagine if you have not already set foot. One of the things that has struck me most is the people. The people are welcoming and friendly and you’ll find it easy to embrace the atmosphere and visit the various camps which all have their unique character.

My first recollection of Bicolline

I discovered Bicolline in 2003 and since then I have visited every year for a complete stay with my family. I still remember the first major battle that I participated in. At the sound of the horns of war, swarms of arrows left in my direction, monsters more than 7 feet high in the ranks advance, the troops of soldiers in full armor with advancing pike-men supported by machines of war such as catapults and cannons. I quickly forgot that it was all foam and all of a sudden I’m in the movie BraveHeart at the battle on the plain.

Stimulating activities for all tastes

For sports tournaments Trollball is in focus. The goal is to place a Troll head in the zone well defended by the opposing team, while getting rid of your opponent with a touch of a foam gun. There are even female Trollball teams and spectators are likely to encourage the teams. You’d be surprised at the size of the games!

The evening atmosphere gives you the impression of being in another world! I love to walk in the light of torches and dance during the performances of medieval folk music. There are also tribal dance performances, performances by fire-eaters, fighting in the freak show, the Miss and Mr. Bicolline contest, etc.. Given the nature of the event there is, as one might say, the movie magic everywhere!

In this regard, I invite you to go see some video reports on BicoTV, or better, I invite you all to come see us from the 15th to 22nd of August 2010 for the Great Battle of the Duchy of Bicolline!

I wonder, what is your best memory of Bicolline or LARP?

New Claymore

April 29th, 2010

We are just finishing a new sword and I’m really proud of it. After months of research and work we have now created our first Claymore! This is a classical Scottish swords used by the Highlanders of Scotland. We will introduce it very soon but before we need your help for 2 things: Color and name. As we believe that everything we do is for you guys, we want your input on the best way to launch this new addition to our collections. At first we would like to have your vote for the color. We have 2 options in mind: Gold or Silver.

Also we need to find a name for it. if you have some good ideas, please share it in comments section or in facebook. Your suggestions are welcome!

Please look at the picture bellow and vote for the painting color you like and we will do it.

Which color for the Claymore ?

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Claymore Silver

Claymore Gold

A Tale of Two Booties, pt 2 *UPDATE*

April 14th, 2010

Finally got in contact with Ren Boots again, and they sent me all the shipping information, arranged for the package pickup, and basically took care of every part of the hassle of sending the boots back.
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A Tale of Two Booties, pt 2

April 8th, 2010

No word from Ren Boots yet.

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Spring has Sprung! Where my Rennies at?

April 3rd, 2010

Passover and Easter have brought us beautiful, sunny, and warm weather that heralds something far more important: Spring is finally here!
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A Tale of Two Booties, pt 1

March 24th, 2010

So originally, this post was going to be titled “Costuming 101: Stay Away From Ren Boots!”, but they’re trying to do right by me, so I’m going to be reserving judgement until this whole thing plays itself out. Part 1 is a little long-winded, but the next few updates to the story should be fairly short. And hey, there’s a Ron White reference!

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